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There are many benefiting from global sourcing. Our team is comprised of purchasing professionals with backgrounds in manufacturing and engineering, who have a vast amount of experience in low-cost sourcing.

Our company has a network of reliable manufacturing partnerships in both the United States and Asia, where we get preferential rates for our clients. In order to keep our manufacturing partners competitive, we seek for the lowest costs, and highest quality. Before the manufacturing of a product, we develop prototypes and obtain quotes. We deliver the best value to our clients; we provide engineered products of high quality at a competitive manufacture cost.

Let MRP’s professional purchasing team find new and reliable suppliers for you! Whether you are seeking suppliers within the United States or desire to outsource, we will be your liaison. By outsourcing your purchases through MRP, you will benefit from high-quality products, and will avoid the difficulties of language, culture, currency and quality issues. We will take care of quality, scheduling and delivery. Proudly serving Logan, Utah and surrounding areas.

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