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Industrial design is recognized as bringing artistic form and usability, associated with physical ergonomics, to mass-produce goods.  At MRP Engineering, we combine a high level of technical, engineering, and manufacturing proficiency to ensure that any design will have reliability and cost-effectiveness in order to be manufactured.  This means that not only can we add ingenuity and innovation to your product during the initial creation stage, but we ensure it functions to specification and can actually be made into a physical product too! Our company proves the difference between having a great idea and creating a realistic, marketable and profitable product.

We pride ourselves in delivering a complete design service to our clients by providing full details of dimensional drawings and manufacturing data.  We also perform finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to assess the theoretical and structural qualities of a design, and the predicted performance of the product. Serving Logan, Utah and surrounding areas.


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