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MRP believes that quality must be built into every product as a design requirement. Therefore, the company’s quality control process is critical, involving dedicated analysts, strategic relationships with manufacturers, and an unwavering commitment to customers. Product quality is more than just the development from beginning to end; quality is comprised of the earnestness of every individual at MRP and the stages of the process being monitored, from product concept to manufacturing and delivery.

As a mediator, MRP acts as an independent quality inspector between the manufacturer and the customer. Our company has hired several Engineers and Quality Control Analysts to manage our factories and ensure that our quality of procedures and processes are met. If those needs are not met, it is returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Every product is structurally engineered and must be manufactured consistently with regard to precision, performance and consistency.

If your business struggles with assuring quality through the process of product development, then reach out to us today. Proudly serving Logan, Utah and surrounding areas.

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