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Do you have a product idea? Bringing a new product to life is a complex and time consuming process. Luckily, we know every step required to get you into the retail shelf space. Avoid all of the common pitfalls with an expedited timetable – delivering you affordable, profitable and quality product. We will walk you through each step with precision and complete transparency.

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We Provide Every Service Necessary to Create Your New Product & Develop Your Business

Though we do provide professional product development, our team possess all the tools, capabilities, and expertise to cover all your bases and take your product to the next level. Patent Protection, both Domestic & International Sourcing, Manufacturing, Packaging, Logistics, Trade Shows, Sales and Distribution are just a few of the services we offer to make your idea a reality and introduce your product into the marketplace.

World-Class Business Development

To simplify, we are a highly experienced team of growth strategists, business developers and communication specialists that deliver innovative business plans and campaigns. Business development is very intricate, which is why we offer an entire team to be at your service. We work with you to develop a business around your product, and then deliver a growth plan that generates a successful business. Whether your business is operating with millions of dollars or just getting started, MRP will take you to new heights.

Want to See Your Product in Stores?

We have hundreds of reliable contacts in retail. We’ll walk you through the process of presenting your product to stores such as Cabela’s, Costco, Wal-Mart, Lowes and many more. Prefer the hands off approach? We can represent your product for you. MRP also excels in comprehensive preparation for key trade shows around the nation.

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Headquartered in Logan, Utah with Satellite Manufacturing/Sourcing Offices in Shanghai & Hong Kong

Achieving low production costs, ensuring reliability and maintaining quality require extensive understanding of the International industry. MRP has built and operates a US managed manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China with the ability to manufacture most hard and soft goods. If we do not have the ability to manufacture what is needed within our own plant, we have developed thousands of relationships with quality suppliers (meeting the most current ISO Standards) across both the United states and Asia. Put us to the test. We can manufacture anything you can think of.